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Now that spring has sprung, the sentiments of a fresh start are everywhere you turn. But the desire to spend your weekends cleaning is much less appealing. The good news is sometimes even the smallest home tasks can make a huge difference. That’s why we have these 12 super-quick cleaning projects to freshen up your home this spring!

1. Sanitize Remotes.

When’s the last time you cleaned your remote controls? Gather all the many remotes you have for TVs, stereos, fans, etc. and give each a good wipe down. Pay special attention to the areas around the buttons.

2. Clean Off the Coffee Table.

It’s time to get rid of all the old catalogs and magazines piled up on and under the coffee table. Wipe off the surface with a strong cleaner to remove any lingering coffee sings or stains. Grab some fresh flowers and a cute accent piece and wah lah! Spring is here.

3. Deep Clean Kitchen Sink.

Sprinkle some baking soda and lemon juice down the drain to start, and let it sit as you wipe the rest of the sink and faucet with a sponge and dish soap. Make sure to focus on the area around the drain and other crevices where grime builds up. Rinse the sink when you’re finished and dry everything with a soft hand towel.

4. Wipe Down the Microwave.

A cup of hot water and half a lemon is the trick to removing all those spots and splatters from inside your microwave. Heat the mixture on high for about 2-3 minutes then let it sit for a bit before soaking a soft cloth or sponge in it. Remove the turntable to best get all the nooks and crannies.

5. Soak the Shower Head.

Your shower head can’t reach its full water-spouting potential if it’s covered in mineral deposits. This calls for a vinegar soak. Grab a plastic bag, fill it with white vinegar and secure it over the showerhead. Let it soak, fully submerged for about a half hour and simply run the shower to rinse.

6. Tidy Up Your Nightstand.

Chances are you let water glasses, hair ties, reading materials and other knick knacks pile up on your bedside table. While it may have been convenient at the time, now it’s just wasting space and cluttering your room. Clear it off and wipe it down with a damp microfiber cloth.

7. Run the Cleaning Cycle on the Washing Machine.

Even your washing machine needs a good clean. But luckily, it can clean itself. Without putting any laundry in, run your machine on “clean” cycle if it has one. If not, choose the hottest wash cycle and an added rinse cycle if possible. Add the cleaner of your choice to the bleach dispenser and press start. If you weren’t able to add an additional rinse cycle, run the rinse again afterward.

8. Toss Out Old Beauty Products.

Those “maybe I’ll just hold on to this in case I need it” beauty products may have actually expired. Go through and toss any items past their expiration date, and if they don’t have them, ask yourself the last time you used it. Declutter and lighten your makeup bag by keeping only the stuff you actually need and like to use. Your makeup bag or case could probably use a quick wash too.

9. Organize your Books.

If your winter was full of bedtime stories and afternoon reads, then your bookshelves may need some organization. Take a few minutes to gather books and magazines from throughout the house and organize them neatly in some sort of system on your shelves. That way they’ll be easier to find for you and your grandkids next time they visit.

10. Shine the Stainless Steel.

Let’s make this surface sparkle again! Mix a teaspoon of dish detergent with some a quart of hot tap water. Use a cloth and rub the solution in small sections, going with the grain. Rinse with hot water and dry immediately for a nice and sparkly shine!

11. Vacuum the Furniture.

The upholstery tool on your vacuum is actually perfect for cleaning your sofas and chairs. Remove the cushions to vacuum both sides and switch to the crevice tool for along the stitching and trim. Then spray everything down with some febreeze for a nice, scented finishing touch!

12. Clear Out the Vents.

Locate all the little air conditioning vents and heating ducts in your home and make them your next target. Use the soft brush on your vacuum to clean out any sitting dust, so it doesn’t start circulating through your home.

A couple small cleaning tasks can make a world of a difference, so allot a couple minutes of your day here and there to freshening up your home this spring!