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Hoarded Home Cleaning

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Hoarded Home Cleanings: Experience, Sensitivity & Compassion

When it comes to the sensitive subject of hoarded home situations, Maid In California provides expert and seasoned advice and complete cleaning services.  From Bio Hazard cleaning, to help with organization, our compassionate cleaning teams have the training to do this work skillfully and quickly — with complete respect for everyone involved.  Always customized service: does the home need to be completely cleaned out or does it need to simply comply with an order to clean or be evicted?

Maid In California Is Here To Help When You’re Not Sure Where to Turn?

Do you or a family member have a lot of things in the home and it is making it hard or impossible to live life fully and safely?  Do you need help but just don’t know where to turn?  Maid In California is here to help.  Our owner, Debbie Kerr, is on the Executive Board of the Orange County Task Force on Hoarding. She personally consults each and every client that contacts the office. We have the resources and knowledge to help people with all levels of hoarding disorder. Most important, we move at the pace they are most comfortable with.  Of course, we can also work quickly for cases that are an emergency or encounter challenging deadlines.

Maid In California Specializes in Hoarding Clean up

Maid in California understands that there is more to a hoard than what may look like a pile of junk to anyone but the hoarder.  We know that throughout the clean-up there will be items of monetary and sentimental value. Important financial and legal documents may need to be found. Maid In California will help locate those specified items and return them to their owner.

What to Expect When Maid In California Cleans A Hoarded Home

With Maid In California, expect service that is compassionate, respectful, but is also committed to completing the task given.  We understand that everyone is different as is their case.  When Maid In California completes a hoarded home clean-up it can be a complete clean out or simply organization.  Each situation receives a customized cleaning plan that is discussed prior to implementation.

We provide comprehensive services include the following optional features:

Assessment – With an initial site visit or detailed photos, Maid In California will begin assessing the scope of the project, the ultimate goal, a plan and a process to get you there.

Resources – Maid In California has all the resources you need to achieve your goals — from light cleaning to Bio Hazard.

Donation Pick Up – Maid In California has special relationships with many local charities that can pick up and donate any unwanted items.  We let the client choose the charities that are near and dear to their heart. Many we have worked with include: Working Wardrobes, Salvation Army, Goodwill, Mercy House, Women’s Transitional centers and Patriots and Paws and many Veterans Services.  We find that sometimes it is easier for a person to give away their items to charitable causes they personally believe in. Maid In California works closely with the client to determine the best place for their items.

Hauling – For any items unwanted by the client and charities we can arrange for the rest to be picked up and hauled away.

Cleaning – After the removal of unwanted items, we send in a specialized team to deep clean the affected areas to ensure that the environment is fresh and healthy.  Afterward, we can schedule a regular cleaning team to be sure the home remains that way.

Compassion, Understanding and Discretion – We know that a hoarding situation is enormously stressful for everyone involved, and that a clean-up can create even more feelings of stress.  Maid In California works with everyone affected to make the process as pain free and inclusive as possible.

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If you need help with a hoarding situation contact us today!  We can give you an estimate, discuss the process or simply give you advise with absolutely NO OBLIGATION.  We look forward to helping you!

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Helpful Links and Information

From the Orange County Task Force on Hoarding

The task force is “A Collaborative Effort to Help People Live Safely in their Homes.” An advisory body which meets regularly to identify and understand hoarding, develop and maximize resources, educate the public, develop humane options and interventions for individuals and communities impacted by hoarding behavior.

Message line: 657‐234‐3574

Signup for newsletter at www.ochoardingtaskforce.org

E‐mail: ochoardingtaskforce@gmail.com


Support Groups:

Clutterers Anonymous (CLA)

A is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength, and hope with each other so that they may solve their common problem with clutter and help each other to recover. Face‐to‐face and phone support group meetings can be found in the “Meetings” section of website: www.clutterersanonymous.net


Hoarding Support Group

Meets at 3pm on the third Tuesday of every month at the Buena Park Senior Activity Center, 8150 Knott Avenue, Buena Park 90620, 714‐236‐3870.


Beyond our Belongings

A confidential support group in Huntington Beach for individuals who desire to address their personal struggles with overcoming clutter or hoarding issues. Potential participants can call and leave a message on the Orange County Task Force on Hoarding message line (657‐234‐3574) and a support group facilitator will return the call.


Buried in Treasures CBT Treatment Group

A fee‐for‐service group for a person with insight into their disorder.

Please contact Laurie Lucas, LCSW at 949‐640‐4674.


Suggested Reading:

Buried in Treasures

By Tolin, D., Frost, R., and Steketee, G. 2007, Oxford University Press


Conquering Chronic Disorganization

By Kolberg, J., 1998 Squall Press


Dirty Secret: A Daughter Comes Clean About Her Mother’s Compulsive Hoarding

Sholl, J. 2011 Gallery Books


Digging Out: Helping Your Loved One Manage Clutter, Hoarding and Compulsive Acquiring

By Tompkins, M., Hartl, T. 2009 New Harbinger Publications


Overcoming Compulsive Hoarding: Why You Save & How You Can Stop

By Neziroglu, F., Bubrick, J., and Yaryura‐Tobias, J. 2004 New Harbinger Publications


Stuff: Compulsive Hoarding and the Meaning of Things

By Frost, R.O., Steketee, G. 2011, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Resources on this list are only a selection of resources available and should not be considered a complete listing of available resources nor an official endorsement. To notify us of changes or additional resources please e‐mail: choardingtaskforce@gmail.com.

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