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House Cleaning

Do you need your entire home cleaned, or just the parts you do not like to do?
We are here for you 7 days a week!

What Our Completely Customized Residential Cleaning Services Can Include:

You can pick and choose exactly what you would like us to clean!


  • Wipe down and scrub all countertops
  • Clean and shine appliances
  • Clean interior and exterior cabinets
  • Vacuum, mop, or hand-scrub floors and baseboards
  • Clean small appliances including toaster, coffeemaker
  • Scrub microwave inside and out
  • Wipe and dust table and chairs
  • Sweep and mop floor
  • Wipe down fingerprints from backsplash and wall
  • Organize and clean pantry or interior cabinets


  • Clean and disinfect toilet and surrounding areas
  • Scrub bathtub and shower stall
  • Clean and shine outside of toilet and around sink
  • Scrub sinks and counter areas
  • Polish mirrors and glass shower doors (remove hard water stains)
  • Empty trash bin
  • Polish faucets and fixtures
  • Sweep, mop and vacuum floors
  • Dust exhaust vents
  • Wipe ceilings and walls
  • Dust knick-knacks
  • Clean window sills
  • Dust lighting/fixtures

Living Room and Family Room

  • Wipe fingerprints from walls and outlets
  • Dust all furniture and collectibles
  • Plump and straighten couch cushions
  • Dust around window sills
  • Dust televisions and stereo equipment
  • Sweep, mop and vacuum floors
  • Vacuum sofa and chairs
  • Dust and wipe baseboards
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Dust ceiling fans and light fixtures
  • Clean fireplaces

Laundry Room

  • Wipe fingerprints from walls and outlets
  • Carefully wipe clean the washer and dryer
  • Dust shelves
  • Empty trash cans
  • Sweep, mop and vacuum floors
  • Clean baseboards and remove cobwebs
  • Dust light fixtures
  • Clean window sills


  • Wipe fingerprints from walls and outlets
  • Dust all furniture and collectibles
  • Wipe dust from windowsills
  • Dust all decorative items
  • Make and or strip beds
  • Wipe and shine all furniture surfaces
  • Remove cobwebs from ceiling, light fixtures and fans
  • Clean baseboards and remove cobwebs
  • Sweep, mop and vacuum floors

Optional Services

  • Clean the inside of refrigerator, oven, dishwasher
  • Wash, dry and fold laundry
  • Organize cabinets and cupboards
  • Clean garages, patios and entryways

Custom Services

Maid In California listens to you and provides a cleaning plan and schedule according to your needs

If you need extra attention in one area, please let us know

Our staff uses only the best products, however, if you have a favorite we can certainly use a product you supply or a combination.

Green cleaning products available upon request.


10 Reasons to Hire Maid In California Cleaning Services

1. You have better things to do with your time.
When you think about cleaning your house, it’s easy to start feeling overwhelmed and anxious. House work needs to be done, but you don’t have to do it.

Today, all of us are doing the jobs of three or more people. There just doesn’t seem to enough time in the day to get everything done.  And when something has to take a back seat, it’s usually the housework. That’s why we created Maid In California in the first place.

None of us want to spend our valuable time performing annoying, stressful or boring tasks. Cleaning tops the list for most people. Give yourself break and allow Maid In California to do the cleaning for you. Don’t spend your weekends cleaning—Enjoy Southern California and have fun!

2. We are efficient.
You’ll be surprised at how quickly we can get your house cleaned. Maid In California’s no-nonsense cleaners use our very own top-to-bottom cleaning system that gets the job done in less time.

3. You can relax and leave it to us.
With our thoroughly checked and experienced staff you can feel confident that we’ll get to work and get it done even if you’re not around. You don’t need to worry about or supervise our cleaners. You can rest assured that they know what they’re doing and will clean your house to your most exacting standards.

It’s not easy to know who you can trust in your home. You can trust that we hire only people that we have thoroughly checked out. We perform a background and criminal check, contact references and do a complete assessment. We make sure they have the knowledge and experience to do a great job for all our customers.

4. We’re flexible.
Do you need a one-time cleaning, an occasional cleaning or a regular routine? That’s entirely up to you. In any event, Maid In California can and will make your life easier.

A one-time cleaning is a great idea if you have a special event coming up. Leave the housework to us and let yourself focus on the party and menu planning. It’s also a good way to get ready for holiday visitors or guests from out of town.

Occasional cleaning is the best answer if you’re able to keep the house clean most of the time and just need an extra cleaning boost from time to time.

5. You get a custom cleaning every time.
We tailor our cleaning to every customer’s needs. We can clean your entire home,or just the parts you hate to do!

If you have a preference, we can use your own cleaning products, or use our green cleaning products also available with certain teams. Just let us know how we can help you the most. Our goal is to leave your home fresh, sparkling and “white glove” clean.

6. Get discounts for frequent use and referrals.
We provide discounts for every customer who signs up for regular cleaning. Keep Maid In California in mind whenever you need your house cleaned. We go the extra mile for our regular customers.

At the same time, we welcome and appreciate new customers. Regular customers who refer a new regular customer receive ONE FREE CLEANING for each customer you refer! We will be happy to give you all the details.

7. It’s easy to work with us.
Maid In California is here to make your life easier. That’s why we make it simple to book appointments with us and contact us.

You can set up a cleaning appointment online, by email or just by picking up the phone. We accept all forms of payment. We take cash, credit and debit cards and online payments.

8. Keep your home healthy.
A clean house is a healthy house. You might not think a little extra dust is a big thing, but dust can be a big problem. It contains allergens, toxins and dust mites. The only way to get rid of dust is to wipe it down and wash it away on a regular basis.

Grease and grime in your house don’t just make it look dirty. They also trap germs and bacteria. After a short time, you’ll notice bad odors that signal decay and decomposition. You don’t want that in your house.

Get rid of pet dander, dust mites, toxins and other elements that can cause health problems in your home.

9. Get more free time.
If you don’t have enough free time, create some by letting us take over a major task. Housecleaning can take 10 to 20 hours or more a week for an average house. That’s like having a second job.

Wouldn’t you rather use that time to relax, get caught up with your family, go shopping or meet up with friends?

10. Our customer service is top-notch.
Maid In California is dedicated to keeping every customer fully satisfied with the cleaning that we provide.

Our high quality standards includes the following features:

  • Professional cleaning crews with a minimum of 5 years’ experience and thorough background checks
  • Comprehensive cleaning that leaves your home sparkling
  • Customized cleaning routines to fit your family’s needs and schedule
  • Ability to work whether you are home or not
  • Easy booking and payments — we accept cash, checks, credit cards, Venmo
  • Fast and flexible service — available 7 days per week
  • Satisfaction always guaranteed on every service call
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