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It’s Labor Day and the purpose of this holiday is for us to NOT Labor On Labor Day!  Labor Day was actually created by the labor movement and is dedicated to the achievements of American workers and how they contribute to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.  In other words, a day of rest for all of the hard workers in America.

It’s a fact of life that you’ll need to clean, even if there are a million other things you’d rather be doing. However, it doesn’t need to be a miserable or tedious endeavor. It’s easy to make it more enjoyable.

1. Get extra help.

  • Delegate to family members. Don’t try to clean up after the whole family all by yourself.
  • Play a game with the kids. Tell them “I’m thinking of a toy that’s on the floor. Whoever picks it up first gets to sit in my lap for story time.”
  • Play lively music and dance a few steps. It’ll keep you moving along while having fun.
  • Time yourself. Set a timer for fifteen minutes and clean as much as you can. Make a game out of cleaning by competing against time.
  • Allow yourself only ten minutes per hour to get up and clean. You’ll be surprised by your ingenuity and efficiency with only a limited amount of time to devote to cleaning throughout the day.

2. Learn some technique.

  • Each time you clean the same area, perfect your technique and routine until it requires little or no effort.
  • Let your dishes soak. They’ll be easier to clean.
  • Let tough dish stains soak overnight.
  • Let the cleaner do the work. For most surfaces (with the exception of wood), let the cleaner soak for a while before wiping it clean.
  • Learn to clean windows with a squeegee.
  • Learn to clean a microwave with minimal effort.

3. Get rid of the clutter.

  • If you have less, there’s less to clean.
  • You’ll still have to tend to everything if you just bring it from one area to another.
  • Discard unnecessary items rather than cleaning them or cleaning around them.
  • Try a game. Grab a bag for trash and donations.
  • Drop your donations off regularly or phone a truck for pickup.

4. Avoid making extra work for yourself.

  • Use doormats to reduce the frequency of sweeping and washing the floor.
  • Choose surfaces and arrangements that are easy to clean.
  • Don’t bother to fold underwear; just sort it and dump it in the drawer. Nobody’s going to check.
  • Don’t just throw your clothes in the closet; take a moment to hang them up. When things are accessible, it saves time in the long run.

5. Work towards being organized.

  • Organize the kitchen. It’s a very active place.
  • Keep working surfaces free of clutter.
  • Keep your drawers, cupboards and closets more spacious.
  • Be neat. If you have a lot of mail, place it in a pile with the most important envelopes on the top.
  • Try not to let things pile up. One piece of paper in a cleaned area can give you an excuse to add more.

6. Tidy as you go along.

  • Do you have a few minutes while you’re waiting for something to cook? Put away the dishes while you’re still in the kitchen. Straighten the silverware drawer.
  • Keep a container of wipes in the bathroom and run one over the toilet or sink while you’re still in there.
  • Going up or down the stairs? Is there anything that should go with you to be put away?
  • Bring things a little closer to where they belong as you’re walking by. Always have something in your hand that’s headed in the same direction.

7. Clean a small areas at a time.

  • Work on one drawer or cabinet per session and don’t overdo it.
  • This week, clean the kitchen more thoroughly, doing only minimal upkeep in other areas. Next week, move on to the bedroom, bathroom, living room and so on.

8. Make your mess neat and keep it out of the way.

  • Think about your habits and traffic patterns. Leave things in a convenient location until you have time to deal with them later.
  • Undress near your closet so that your shoes are closer to where they belong. Place a hamper within the same area.

9. Make things visibly neat.

  • Empty the dishwasher promptly. An empty dishwasher means less dirty dishes in the sink.
  • Focus on cleaning certain central, highly visible areas first, especially if someone is coming over.
  • Gather everything together and store it behind a closed door, such as in a closet or in the bedroom.

10. Still having a bad time?

  • If you’re still having a bad time, not enjoying yourself cleaning.  If you would rather be out enjoying life…………..
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