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Cobwebs mean one thing: You have some creepy crawlers living as roommates in your home. For the record, spiders aren’t all bad. They do help get rid of other pesky bugs like mosquitoes and flies, which can decrease bug bites. But when it comes down to it, spiders just aren’t pleasant to encounter. No one wants to walk into a web on their way to the kitchen or bathroom first thing in the morning.

What exactly is a cobweb? Unlike spiderwebs, which spiders use to catch and trap their prey, cobwebs are vacant “homes” spiders have abandoned to move onto a new area of your house. The stray spider silk left behind is incredibly sticky and a magnet for pollen, dust particles, and other debris.

How to Clean Those Scary Webs….
The best way to clean cobwebs without getting too close is to use the extension nozzle of your vacuum and suck them up. Make sure to attack the corners of ceilings and any other nooks and crannies, especially around windows and doors. Soft dusters with long handles work well, too—plus, using an extension will keep you off wobbly chairs as you strain to reach the ceiling. You can also get creative and attach an old sock or cleaning cloth to the end of a broom or yardstick and swipe away any webs lurking in the corners. If cobwebs have found their way onto curtains or other fabric, follow the vacuum method.

Naturally Prevent Spiderwebs From Forming Inside Your House
An additional line of defense to prevent cobwebs from forming in your house is to dab your home with scents that drive spiders away. As the critters taste with their legs, they won’t enter an area that has traces of lemon, peppermint, or eucalyptus. Spray it in the corners or dab some of these scents onto small cotton balls and hide them inside the cracks you can’t seal, or spray the scents directly in the corners of your home to deter the leggy creatures.

With those pesky little creepers gone, you can focus time and energy on making your home welcoming for all your holiday guests. Just remember, if you need help cleaning cobwebs or anything else, Maid in California is here for you! If it’s Dirty We Can Clean it!! From Light House Cleaning to Hoarded Homes