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10 Reasons to Partner with Maid In California

1. Reliable service when your customers need it most.
People who are selling their homes are usually stressed out, nervous and trying to keep track of a million different things. There’s the paperwork, the financing and the need to find a new place to call home.

With one call your customers can relax. Our office is open 9am – 4:30pm, Monday-Friday, and there is always someone who will answer your call. We’ll take this worry off their to-do list so that they can concentrate on the other things they need to do.

We’ll make you look good, too. You’ll set them up with a reliable referral and they’ll be grateful for the help. With our cleaning service, you can refer a proven cleaning service that you both can trust.

2. We’re available on short notice.
When you are ready to market your house, apartment or commercial property, Maid In California is too. We can be available on short notice for any type of cleaning.

That’s right! Maid In California is not only your residential property experts, we are also available for commercial and industrial properties. We clean the walls, carpets, bathrooms, common areas and hallways. We clean medical clinics, industrial workshops, office suites and more.

We are flexible and ready to go when you are. You can schedule a cleaning by clicking on SCHEDULE A CLEANING TODAY! on our Home Page or picking up the phone and calling: 714-505-0900.

3. Top-notch cleaning that gets houses Show-Ready.
As you know, the houses that command attention in a competitive market are those that look their best. Customers need to stage their homes and keep them show-ready at a moment’s notice. That’s not an easy task, especially if they’re still living in the house. Maid In California can help with a 1-time deluxe cleaning, then with regular service it will always be sparkling clean.

A home that looks bright and smells fresh is proven to sell homes faster. Your customers can keep their home show ready with our help.

4. Our workers are experienced.
You can never be too safe when it comes to the people you let into your home. We understand that.

Maid in California’s workers are hand-chosen among many applicants. We select only those cleaners that have experience and a genuine enthusiasm for delivering excellent customer service.

We don’t let just anyone into a customer’s home. We conduct a thorough background check on each cleaner. Our experienced, efficient staff have been vetted and are ready to go to work.

5. Get a fresh move in cleaning for your buyers.
Are you a buyer’s agent? Have your customers found the house of their dreams but it’s a little dingy?

If so, let your customers know that they can get their house sparkling clean and disinfected before or they move in. Maid In California can clean it so they can feel confident that the last owner’s DNA is out and happy about their move-in.

With a regular cleaning schedule, we can keep it that way. Close the sale by offering your customers the chance to move into a house that’s clean and fresh.

6. We provide move-out cleaning.
When people move out of a house, they always leave some mess behind. Even if they try to clean it, it’s still going to have some leftover dirt, not to mention scraps and debris left over by the movers. Our move-out service tackles all of this. Whether it’s a move-out cleaning for a home, a single office or a whole building, we’ll get it ship-shape and ready for new tenants.

Why call two separate companies for commercial or residential properties? We do both. Maid In California provides the same fast, flexible service and reasonable rates for all types of cleaning.

7. Keep rentals clean and refreshed between leases.
Rental units can be a messy business. Even the most conscientious tenant has probably left behind some spills and stains, especially if they lived in the unit for a long time.

Renters who aren’t as conscientious present an even bigger problem. You might find appliances that haven’t been cleaned in years. If you have another tenant lined up, you need to get that place cleaned up quickly.  We are here to help.

Managing a property is a full-time job. That’s why you should let Maid In California handle this for you. We’ll get your rental house, apartment or condominium ready for new renters.

8. Our rates are reasonable.
If you think a cleaning service must cost a small fortune, be prepared to be surprised. Maid in California’s cleaning rates are right in line with those of other services. What you get at that price is a lot more value.

We can work with you to create deals for your customers that are exclusive to those working with you. You’ll have a reliable partner in your business that can enhance your customers’ experience.

9. Keep vacation rentals sparkling.
Do you own or manage vacation rentals?

Maid In California can make your vacation rental spotless.

10. Closing gifts.
Maid In California offers gift certificates for any denomination. Click here for more information.


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